Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update 1.01

We submitted the first update for Real Racing last week, to add some enhancements we couldn't get in prior to launch and in response to some early feedback. This update should fix the crash bug where the app would exit after racing for a while. While our programmers were coding, our artists were also busy as some of the previously unbranded cars have picked up sponsorship from "Team Flight Control"!

The release notes are:
  • Added dynamic environment shadows to all vehicles on screen
  • Added Flight Control sponsorship to some of the unbranded vehicles
  • Accelerometer is now turned off during menu screens to save power
  • Device fades to power saving mode after 1 minute of inactivity
  • Updated league splits are now based on best times through any given sector of a race
  • Various improvements and bug fixes


  1. cool mm were is it ??? any link ?? it is not on itunes ... :(

  2. I'm also waiting for it....... I'm checking the App store all the time...

  3. Any plans to work on the opponent AI? They're a tad aggressive! Also, will there be an update to save audio prefs? I always have to turn off the music. A crowd noise toggle would also be nice.

  4. Where is the update? Any idea when it will be available??