Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Real Racing v1.01 update available

After a few hiccups at our end, the Real Racing v1.01 update is now rolling out across the App Store! Here are the release notes:
  • Choose from three AI collision impact levels: low, medium or high
  • Smoother wheel and vehicle control across all devices
  • Added dynamic environment shadows to all vehicles on screen
  • Added Flight Control sponsorship to some of the unbranded vehicles
  • Accelerometer is now turned off during menu screens to save power
  • Device fades to power saving mode after 1 minute of inactivity
  • Updated league splits are now based on best times through any given sector of a race
  • Added accelerometer calibration option
  • Added km/h speed display option
  • Added relevant online results to the Time Trial race results screen
  • Screen orientation and audio preferences are now saved
  • Various improvements, bug fixes and OS 3.0 compatibility updates


  1. HURRAY!! I hope it's available when I get home tonight.

  2. Hi!

    Great Update (especially because of the Flip Screen and Savefeature)!

    But may you tell us what does "AI collision impact levels" mean..?

    Greetings C.

  3. God job. But there is one thing... When i syncing with cloudcell, the settings like speed display and impact levels, are changing to default... Why?

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